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Mobile Advertising… Love It, BNOMP*

February 20, 2010

As a marketer, mobile advertising is one of those developments that you just have to love. And, in theory, I do. After all, what’s not to love?

Mobile is viewed as being “the world’s first direct mass medium” (Dan Rosen, as quoted in Howard, 2008). Successful mobile campaigns, while relatively easy and inexpensive to implement, require a distinct strategy at the outset to be effective. Mobile campaigns are an IMC dream come true. Setting the stage to get phone subscribers to opt in, grabbing their attention, and then advancing them to action (either by visiting, calling, subscribing or visiting a microsite) is really cool.

Mobile Ad for Lincoln XF

And mobile programs can truly be really value-adds to the consumer. Whether the receiver wants to know what’s available on a local level (think shopping, restaurant or car rental), be kept up to date on latest offerings from a favored company, or download a new ringtone or wall paper, mobile advertising can meet all of these wants.

But while I recognize and admire these benefits, for me at least, this love will go unrequited. Under the best of circumstances, the phone subscriber must agree to opt-in. And therein lies my personal disconnect.

I’m a person who just wants a phone to be a phone (admittedly, I do text upon occasion). While I am not a technology Luddite, if I want info on the go, my laptop is my preference, and for me, does it so much better. While I recognize that in some instances a phone would be more convenient (imagine walking downtown on a hot, sunny day….), those few instances of potential opportunity are not worth receiving messages from McDonald’s, Verizon and even Ford. When my phone goes off, I want it to be a valued friend, family member or business acquaintance at the other end.

I think this is part of driver of netbooks in the market. There are those of us who just want various portions of this digital media world to remain in compartments.

But for those of us who don’t, that is the beauty of mobile marketing.


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*But not on my phone