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Branding For a Digital World

March 25, 2012

A recent study, BrandZ Top 100 – Most Valuable Global Brands, by MillwardBrown , highlighted several interesting trends in the changing of the visible brand landscape due to market factors at work today.

One observation, for example, dealt with the continued emergence of more and more  global Top 100 brands from Asia and Latin America. Both these areas are moving from consuming brands to building them.

While this study is well worth reading by anyone interested in the structural market evolution of branding, the biggest take away for me from the study was the list of 21 “Key Takeouts” scattered throughout the document


To me, these 21 distilled naturally into 7 specific focuses, which I will address one by one in upcoming posts. The big rocks for me are:

1)      Change – There is a need to understand the impact of change on your brand, and to anticipate that change.

2)      Find your identity – This grouping highlights the need for brands to stand for something: Something original, something consistent, something more…

3)      Tied to building the above identity, Innovate and Differentiate. Be flexible and don’t be afraid to break the rules.

4)      Communicate with your customers and potential customers: Talk clearly (be open, transparent) and listen closely; hear what is really being said. This is an area where being consistent also matters…

5)      Direct all actions, offerings, and communications to building trust. Integrity and honesty is key!

6)      Once you establish dialog and build trust, deliver on that trust and provide value and a great experience. Keep measuring results and feedback to make sure that you are.

7)      Have a bias toward action. Times are difficult, but act now!

These thoughts may seem simple and repetitive to those branding gurus who may stumble across this post, but they are rules to live by for the rest of us.