Welcome to my blog. I  share thoughts here picked up from my current consulting practice, from my students in the IMC Master’s program at WVU, along with past experiences in direct marketing, applications software,  consumer goods, and a variety of other marketing experiences picked up  in earlier consulting engagements and while working for a Fortune 50 Retailer.

These experiences have come with companies large and small, so the focus will be different from time to time. For me, the goal is to provide interesting content and keep myself from becoming a fossil at the same time.

It is likely that you will find some of these writings inspiring, some maddening, others will make you want to shake your head. I hope you enjoy this blog (which is really the point!), and please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, Mark Tietbohl

Driving Sustainable Growth in a Digital World

Cropped Pier 39x


One Response to “Bio”

  1. Robert Theisen Says:

    Please forgive the website, its being updated (not outdated).

    Mark, well done! I’d like to share the blog with the schools I currently chair. My experience/relationship with the School District of Philadelphia has emerged into me chairing 6 occupational advisory boards (school level), the local advisory board (citywide) and sitting on the perkins committee. All of the programs I chair are communications related, so this would be a great fit and an exciting way to integrate some new things into their classrooms. With your permission I will recommend.

    Not sure if your familiar but the EDSF is a nice publication that address emergent technology related to media.

    Keep up the good work!

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