…and there’s always one…

The article linked below in this post highlights why vigilant monitoring is an important part of the job for those marketers involved in social media. When unrestricted posting is in place, you can never be sure what someone might post. While I am a firm believer in allowing persons with both positive and negative views to have their say in an open forum, there are always those that will cross the line.

Note that the response by Papa Murphy’s does not indicate that the company regrets hosting an open forum, nor does it indicate that they changed their stance because of the unfortunate incident.  They did learn that there can always be at least one bad actor that will appear in a public forum for which they quickly apologized and removed the offensive post, and also indicated that they have now taken the responsibility to monitor traffic for those few inappropriate posts, rather than restrict the flow and tempo of communication.

Sometimes, as illustrated here, having a situationally appropriate response to unfortunate occurrences on your site is a better tact to take than pulling back and locking down.


Papa Murphys Response




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