Tablets, and Laptops and Phones…Oh My

Below I have posted a link for an article about Mojiva Tab, an advertising platform specifically for tablets.

Mojiva Launches a New Tablet Only Advertising Network

The article highlights that the time is right as consumers move away from their laptops and PCs in favor of tablets. I think a fundamental assumption underlying this move is also that tablets are not phones. As I have discussed before, tablets and phones have different capabilities and strengths, and consumers often use them in different settings or at the very least, for different purposes.

Mojiva’s own press release – Mojiva Press Release – posted on their web site indicates that tablet advertising is more effective overall that mobile in general. While I think to some extent this statement is self serving, I also see it as true in a contextual sense. The reality is that there is a time in most consumers’ minds for phone, and there is a time for the tablets. Consumers uses them for different purposes (at least today), and due to size difference, even physically interact with them differently.

There is little doubt that tablets have eroded usage of conventional desktops and laptops. It will be interesting to see to what extent they can encroach on phones, the epitome of a connected, on-th-go lifestyle

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