Another year bites the dust….

As John Lennon penned a few years ago,

….And what have we done        

Another year over            

And a new one just begun     

The end of another year…

This past year I wrote regularly for awhile….and then I didn’t…

For me, it has been a long and complicated year, but that is not really an excuse. After all,  there were lots of topics to write about: Facebook changed their privacy settings and other account setup about 37 times (or so it seemed), the iPad and other tablets hit the street, Groupon made the decision it is worth way more than $6 billion, and we all got another year older… The point is that the list of occurrence to write about was virtually endless, and yet I didn’t.

I also don’t think it was pure laziness on my part, as I did become more proficient in using social media, taught myself a little more about several  languages, completed a few more graduate classes, and developed numerous on line and off line friends.

I think rather it had more to do with human natural tendency to truncating our communications, a driving force that has been accentuated by technology, but has always been a part of human communication.  And with all that I have had going on, I have been seduced by the brevity of social media.

As way of example, when I was in college, our fraternity engaged in a form of this, both in written and spoken communications. We developed several highly abbreviated phrases that held significant meaning to us. One example was: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”. This phrase eventually worked its way down to just the word “door”, and took on all types of meanings based on inflection and context. I’m sure outsiders thought we were crazy…

We thought ourselves pretty cool, but I have since seen that this is a common happening within groups that have some type of affinity relationship. This trait of human communication is responsible for contractions, overall degradation of languages over time, formation of dialects, etc. It is also a force that, in conjunction with technology, has completely revolutionized the way we communicate. So in addition to the shortened phrase structure/abbreviations developed for texting and IMs, we have seen the move from Email to IM, and Article posting to blogging to micro blogging

While the age group often referred to as “The Backpack Generation” has largely driven this, all of us who attempt to work in the mainstream channels today have participated. Just the sheer breadth of participation has enabled the wide acceptance of this change. So while the Millennials may know it best, and feel most comfortable, this spiraling brevity of communication is employed by all: businesspeople in Paris, grandmothers in Duluth, and GenXers in London.

The point that I am actually wandering toward is that this blog hasn’t historically been the place where I post short thoughts or observations, and I think that that has led to its recent neglect. While that emphasis may or may not change in 2011, I do resolve, however, to be more consistently active and to use this site to work through some of the current issues I am grappling to make sense of. So, in addition to speculating briefly on SM sites, about the state of war between Apple and Google for example, I will also make a point to work through my thoughts in more depth here.

 So for now, I’d just like to wish everyone Happy New Year…

Glückliches neues Jahr….

Joyeux Nouvel An ….

Yeni Yılınız Kutlu Olsun ….

Feliz Año Nuevo

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