Artificial Intuition: Are we there yet?

In many circles, the idea of the thinking web or Artificial Intuition (AN) is all the rage. To hear some proponents talk, AN is the “next big thing”, and will be (or already is) the engine that drives searches we all make on the web. Personally, I take some exception the way in which the concept of Artificial Intuition is discussed: Not in the sense that it is or can be defined and practiced, but in the fact, at least today, it is not really intuition at all.

Proponents of AN will argue that this technology contains and emulates many of the more tangible aspects of intuition. Notice the word “many”. The part I think is missing at this point is some of the underlying decision processes that go into making an intuitive leap. While behind the scenes algorithms can compile, and sift and evaluate past choices we as technology users have made, I don’t feel that we have yet mastered the ability to add 2+2+2 and get 7. To my way of thinking AN today is a very slick and sophisticated logic placed on top of our incredible ability to aggregate data. Advanced computing power disguises logic and process as “immediate insight”. Creating mind numbingly powerful heuristics is not, in my humble opinion, intuition.

Not to say that we may not get there someday. I think we likely will; just not today.


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2 Responses to “Artificial Intuition: Are we there yet?”

  1. John Ferraro Says:

    …. and many of these “immediate insights” are based upon poorly founded concepts and unethical methodologies, leaving one faced with a conclusion that is, on an immediate gut level, just wrong!

  2. mtietbohl Says:

    Hi John,
    I agree on many levels. Putting the ethics aside, the “intuition” operationally is little more than computer matching logic, programmed at this point, not learned.

    On the ethics side, I would certainly agree that much of this field is certainly amoral (if not outright immoral). But ethics in society are often a legislated occurrance, and the whole discussion around web and individual privacy and identity ownership is a very big deal right now.

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