Slow down and smell the conversations…

Despite the brevity of the format, twitter is not the slam bam format you might think it is. Something I read recently compared it to a river, and frankly, I agree. While there are times that the pace is intense (when something big has broken on the news front or when a dialog with many contributors is underway or when someone you want to connect with is online at the same time as you are), mostly twitter timelines move at a slow, steady pace.

Quechee Gorge in Vermont

Also, twitter is not really a “place” for trumpeted announcements, but rather for ongoing and continuing communications, often continuing for many days. Oh, sure, the big pronouncements that really don’t need or expect a response get made. But successful communicators take a different, longer term approach. This has much to do with the likelihood that one communication may get missed (unless, of course you have ardent followers).

I have talked about this phenomenon previously from a slightly different angle. People come and go on the twitter current, join conversations, drop out and maybe they come back. But what the forum is NOT is the electronic media equivalent of a press conference.

Of course the above statements refer to the engaged twitterphile. Also to a large degree, women get this more than men. The gender behavior divide on twitter tends to mirror real life: Women are generally better at sustained communications in the real world, and it’s therefore not surprising that they are generally more successful (as defined by communication, not necessarily by followers) with use of twitter.


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