The new Facebook: Like or Unlike?

I was just starting to enjoy Facebook and really explore the marketing possibilities, and then it changed. Now I’m not so sure where I stand; because at this point, I feel that I distinctly “unlike” the direction. Previously, I was glad to post a good chunk of my profile for public consumption: schools attended, where I work, favorite TV shows, movies and books. Now I cannot seem to show this information unless I agree to like/link to sites picked by Facebook. This may be OK, I’m just not sure, so I’m mulling it over.

Maybe I’m just becoming a curmudgeon. After all, I have been actively viewing (and participating on) Twitter for over 6 months, yet I really don’t have a normal presence there either. First, I have a relatively small following. I’d like to think that most of the people who do follow me get some enjoyment out of the experience, but I don’t posture or pander to gain followers. I post what I like – Quotes on philosophy, world events and humor; retweets from people I follow, and occasional original thoughts – but I really haven’t developed a “persona”. I’m just another guy on Twitter.

Also unlike many others (excepting celebrities), I don’t tend to follow a lot of people. I typically have about 40 or so more people who I follow than follow me, but that’s OK. I am inclined to find people whose tweets I like most of the time, so there is a certain comfort level in opening up my page. (I should point out that you will not like all the tweets you find all of the time, it’s just the nature of the media. Some are flat, some are insider conversations, some are replies to messages you never see. But it’s easy to overlook, as scanning for nuggets is also part of the game.) I want to go to Twitter for entertainment and education, so for me it’s pretty casual.


In having digressed to Twitter, it would be remiss of me to not call out one of my favorite follows: Adams Consulting Group. Diana Adams is a moderately prolific poster, and also a writer for, among other sites, BitRebel (which can be accessed from her site). The posts there are typically a good combination of written word and interesting topical photography. The point seems to be mainly to highlight the joy of what we can communicate in a digital world. I hope you check it out.


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