All the News that’s fit to Tweet…

A recent article appearing on Mashable is further confirmation that many modern consumers interact with their world, and pick up knowledge of events, products, and happenings (beyond friends and acquaintances) via the web, and more specifically social networking sites. According to the study, 23% of all iPhone users primarily receive their morning news on either Twitter or Facebook.

I think this brings out two important implications:

1) This certainly highlights yet again the issue of trustworthiness of news sources, and what represents journalism in today’s world.

2) Of even more importance to marketers lies in how to best reach targeted segments if members of your audience are iPhone users. But this is just the surface: iPhone behavior is measured because it is such a large phenomenon, however, is this also true of Droid users? What about Blackberry users? The answer is likely a resounding YES!

Marketers need to learn to engage consumers on terms appropriate to the media being used. Social media users receiving 97 random tweets or hits a day to their Facebook site or Twitter account will soon turn you off. But being prepared to send meaningful announcements and respond to inquiries via these platforms is an important competency to develop.

Appropriateness of message may be the easiest threshold to hit. But the issues of frequency and timing are still works in progress. Overall, 32% of respondents of all ages (49% of those under age 25) don’t mind being interrupted by a notification of a message during a meal (telemarketers take note…). But it better be worthwhile, or you may just have lost a fan or follower.


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  1. Debbie T Says:

    I like reading your blog!

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