Just for Fun….

Posted below is a commercial that I happen to think is great. It may not sway a lot of people to buy Hershey’s chocolate products, but it is enjoyable to watch, as were all of the commercials in this series.

It’s very cool that I have the ability to post this little gem. But what about IP implications? Postings of this type go on thousands of time a day on the ‘net. In fact, as you can see, this video is directly linked to a YouTube page.

This week I was in a class in the WVU  Integrated Marketing Communications program that discussed the impact of the law on copyright, trademark and other intellectual property infringements.

Does this posting do any harm? While I have no way of really knowing, I don’t think Hershey  is harmed by this (although I also can’t say for certain that they are helped either). At worst, they get play on a commercial in a forum that they didn’t need to pay for.

Do I benefit financially? Easy answer here: NO!

Do I benefit in any other way than posting something that brings me, and hopefully my readers, about 15 seconds of pleasure? I don’t see it. This post won’t likely make people think I work for Hershey, am a big time commercial producer or animator, or am even a particularly insightful commentator of today’s media options.

Does that still make it OK? I’m not sure. I may or may not have broken some copyright laws from a technical point of view, but I hopefully made a few people’s day a little brighter, if only for 15 seconds.

I welcome your thoughts on either this video or on intellectual property on the web.


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2 Responses to “Just for Fun….”

  1. John Ferraro Says:

    You might also note the argument that your posting gives Hershey both additional name recognition and potential customer marketing impact by imprinting the Hershey name with the positive impression of their video while saving Hershey any marketing expenditures that posting thru traditional marketing mediums might cost them. Overall, what you’ve done can be argued to be a net cost benefit to Hershey.

  2. mtietbohl Says:

    I agree, although it is possible that Hershey might not see it that way….

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