Facebook Measures Up

Everybody loves Facebook, right? Or at least almost 440 million active users, as of the latest stats available. That is, except big time professional advertising entities…

Until now.

Just this past week, Facebook and Omniture announced that they would soon be working together. This announcement created relatively little press fanfare as most of us do not know who the heck Omniture is. However, marketing professionals, particularly those involved with major companies placing advertising in the new media, recognize that this is a quite a big deal and are salivating over the actual launch of this partnership.

According to their site, Omniture “is a leader in online business optimization service software”. They provide software that:

  • Measures customer behavior
  • Compiles this behavior for real time stats and also for trend reporting
  • Automates online processes

This company also offers services that provide even more capability, but the above are the big three. The company serves top tier corporate and service provider clients, and is now owned by Adobe. This is a big, big deal!

According to the Associated Press, as reported on seattlepi.com: “Using Omniture’s products, companies will be able to measure how effective their ads are on Facebook. They will also be able to use Omniture’s search engine marketing management tool to buy Facebook ads. And they will be able to compare how well their ad campaigns do on Facebook compared with other outlets.”

Suddenly, Facebook won’t be for experimenting and testing anymore, as far as big companies and their agencies are concerned. All the objections and reservations that had to be explained to someone’s boss suddenly go away. Automated buying and measurement: Ease of placement and analytics. What more could any Fortune 100 marketer want?

It is my expectation that this one move will noticeably change the face and pace of Facebook. Is this for the better? I await your opinion.


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3 Responses to “Facebook Measures Up”

  1. Angela Says:

    Hello big biz, good bye privacy (as if there was any).

  2. jacobashby Says:


    I would have to agree that I feel this will lead to more corporatization on Facebook. I dont know if it will intitially affect the users but it might cause the eventual demise of Facebook as a Social Networking site and the beginning of it as a marketing and review site.


  3. kellax23 Says:

    From a marketing perspective – I think this is great. I am a power Omniture user and now Facebook analytics and customer behavior will fit into my analysis. My company doesn’t trust sites that have home-grown analytics software and we have been reluctant to dive into Facebook because of that.

    I agree with Jacob…hello corporatization.


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