Too Cool not to pass along: PDF a web page

I often find it necessary to go on the internet and find out information about companies, industries, products or people. Those of you who have done this with any great frequency know that, while you can attribute your sources all you want, pages have a habit of changing, relocating or just flat out disappearing. Your compelling case yesterday is vaporized today.

One of the most exasperating episodes I had with this issue revolved around a situation facilitating a possible company division acquisition. At the time this was happening, the parent company was in the process of revising their site and pages kept moving all over and/or disappearing.

If I had had access to this handy little website, I could have made all of us (assessment team and the client) just a bit less skittish. The site is and what it does is nothing less than amazing. You can take a site URL (for example, look at The Second Life Homepage). Copying the site URL into allows me to capture a PDF of the entire page, as shown here.–v=1.1[1]

This way if they would change the page, say place a different avatar in the picture, I have record (hopefully they won’t do that before you get a chance to compare…).

Most browsers have some functionality to save a page, but there are often severe distortions or omissions in the saved document. With this tool, some sites will show some degradation, but I saw very little of that in experimenting with the tool. About the worst I encountered is seen here on the Lowes Facebook page.[1]

Once again, I have the The Washington Post to thank for sharing this little nugget. I guess it’s easy to find things like this when you’re snowed in. 🙂


Spector, L. (2010, February 25). Save a Whole Web Page.Retrieved February 26, 2010, from:


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