And the votes are in….

I’ve been feeling a little fractured and struggling a bit lately with where this blog is headed, so I decided to get a little help from my friends and sent an SOS out to some people who I thought might 1) have some interesting input into my writing and 2) would be honest with me about what they thought.

In the interest of full disclosure, I only heard back from about 35% of them. On the plus side, several sent the link to their kids, and some of them actually sent me back a response also.

A few of the comments I received made me go back and revisit my mindset when I started up this blog. Because several respondents told me flat out that while the blog was engaging, it lacked focus and they couldn’t figure out what I was trying to achieve.

To me, this was significant. So after a great deal of thinking, and a revisit to my opening post, I have decided to refocus in the following way.

I have always been more of a fan of the use of marketing to create an overall integrated attack point of view than from a “isn’t this really cool” technical implementation perspective. When I was in printing, I learned all of the tools of the trade, and was at least passably adept at all of our operations. But my real interest was always in fitting the pieces together to create a successful business result, both for our company and for our clients. Learn the book, and then throw the book away….

So in that spirit, I move ahead. Dabbling in various emerging media to see what it is all about has been a fascinating journey (and one I will continue). However,  I intend to converse with you moving forward more in terms of productive business applications than in terms of the actual platforms themselves: sharing success stories like Adidas’ Hannibalian mobile end run around the Romans, er, I mean Nike, about 5 years back; and the not so much success stories, like American Apparel’s foray into  Second Life. Like marketing through the years, all the tools may lead to success, but not all work the same for every marketer’s situation.

Keep reading, because with the fast paced change of this landscape, there will be many quests and windmills to pursue.


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