There’s no business like snow business…

It seems that many, many people are online this week writing about an Olympics with no snow.  To turn that thought 180°, let’s talk about the infamous Northeastern US snows this year sans Olympics.

Can anybody spare a shovel?

This winter has captured the imagination of the wired public. If there is any doubt, take a look at this Facebook page: Snowpocalypse  People were still posting to this site as I write this. (I guess in anticipation of yet another storm.)

Maybe its boredom, maybe it’s that childlike glee we can still get from a awe inspiring snow, maybe it’s just good cheer because Washington was shut down for a couple days….. Whatever the cause, people have been celebrating all over digital universe. People were snapping shots on their phones, finding creative ways to Twitter about the storm (snOMG, snowmageddon, etc), and scheduling snow meetings or providing information about neighborhood happenings.

A Washington Post article from February 14, 2010, talked to this phenomenon. Perhaps the most poignant point made in this article is that during these storms, the Internet and other digital media normally used to communicate around the world were adaptively used for local status oriented communications. Pegararo also points to the advances for chronicling this type of event that occurred over the past dozen or so years. We’ve gone from analog cameras and email to full blown digital photography (on our phones!), broadband and social network platforms on which we can communicate.

While we used to huddle by the fire, or drink hot chocolate, or shovel snow, or build snow forts, we can now do all of those things and engage in digital discourse too! Is this a great country or what?


Pegoraro, R. (2010, February 14). Social Networks keep people connected after major storms. Retrieved February 18, 2010, from

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2 Responses to “There’s no business like snow business…”

  1. angelawvu Says:

    Cool post Mark. It’s snowing where I am and I’ve been online networking all day!

  2. Debbie T Says:

    Glad I’m not in the Northeast anymore

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