A word about Short Posts and Short URLs

In posting my thoughts on the wonderful world of emerging media, it has occurred to me that many of them may seem a bit wordy. I want to share my thoughts with my readers, but I also don’t always want to take a great deal of their time.  Additionally, there are times when I just want to share a brief thought or new found piece of knowledge that has just crossed my desk.

So it occurred to me that there should be instances where I make brief posts with timely information, and let readers contact me back if they want more information on the topic. Below is the first of those (I promise you the remaining short posts will not carry this introduction).

Short URLs:

As you know from a previous post, I have been exploring the phenomenon known as twitter and attempting to find a way to make it more meaningful to either my professional and/or my personal life. Today I was introduced nby someone who chooses not to be mentioned to http://tinyurl.com/ where tiny URLs can be made. 

Why, you may ask? As you know, twitter can generally only accommodate 140 characters, and since sending URLs if often what people want to do, brevity is often a gift. To test the process, I edited a ULR I had posted, ironically enough, on my A Tweet in Time Saves 9 post. This URL originally exceeded the margins of my blog format. Please scroll down and take a look at it now. It’s tiny! Going to the site will explain much of what you need to know, and the best part is that it’s FREE. Enjoy.



4 Responses to “A word about Short Posts and Short URLs”

  1. dmorri13 Says:

    TinyUrl is a great site. I use it OFTEN when I tweet. It saves space and time and is easier on the eye. Also, it helps to mask whatever site you are sending someone to. So, if you have a link to a news article from FOX and some people may not be politically in line with FOX’s tendencies, then they won’t be able to judge until they get to the site. Ok, that was a bad example, but you get what I mean. It helps to give someone the information they need.

    This is a very unique topic to touch on.

    Good Post


  2. Laura Phillips Garner Says:

    Thanks for teaching me about Tiny URLs today. I had seen them but didn’t know much about them. I’m going to check them out.

  3. jacobashby Says:


    I two have used Tiny URLS. It is amazing how easy it is to to fix this problem with a little effort. If you are going to use Twitter it is good to use.


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