If Only Pigs Could Fly….

At the risk of seeming random and trite in this blog, I felt now was the time to interject a topic that contained just a bit of levity.

OK, so here’s a new promotion that is decidedly low tech, but it highlighted here due to the powers of modern media that have brought it to our attention. Another aspect of why this little item deserves further review is that it is a literal example of the phenomena of “buzz” marketing. The third aspect of this promo that makes it worthy of posting here is that, well, it’s just a little bit creepy….

I know of this promo, one that literally “flies” in the face of convention and decorum, through a post in a class by a former classmate, Chris Siekman. He found it on a blog site: http://www.pastymuncher.co.uk/buzz-marketing-flies-with-banner-ads/ 

The blogger apparently lifted it from YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldC7FQiUJ6s&feature=player_embedded) and goodness knows where it came from before there.

This video was shot at a trade show in Frankfort, Germany, where one of the vendors actually attached small banner ads to flies and turned them loose on unsuspecting visitors to the show. Apparently the weight of these banners preventing the flies from flying any higher than eye level, and they also found it necessary to land (on apparently everything insight, including attendees and presumably potential clients!) with great frequency.

While the German show goers did not seem (at least in the video) particularly concerned by all this buzzing around and inopportune landing arrangements, I somehow can’t imagine this being well received at most of the trade shows I have attended.

We could also never figure out why German publishers might find this advertising compelling, but it’s my thinking that it is a good thing that pigs can’t fly.


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